D Pesquira – Graphic Design
Dwayne Pesquira

VitaliTea Kombucha

Branding, Packaging, Web Design

VitaliTea Kombucha Co. is a kombucha beverage brand from Maui dedicated to partnering with local farms and businesses to brew local craft kombucha and coffee that maximizes health benefits by minimizing sugar content without compromising flavor.

I had the opportunity of refreshing their logo and creating a newer, fresh branding which I was applied across their new kombucha and nitro cold-brew coffee can packaging. Along announcing their new canned products, I launched their redesigned website, which was simplified to be a parallax one-scroll page. The goal was to make it easy for customers to where they can buy VitaliTea Kombucha products using the store locator.

 Brewed on Maui with health in mind.

Brewed on Maui with health in mind.